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Blue Kamen Benefits

About Blue Kamen Benefits

Darren Braude and Trish Schrade founded Blue Kamen Benefits in 2007. Having crossed paths several times since they both entered the industry in the early 1990s, they joined forces because they share a common belief – a client is for life. This belief is now part of the culture at Blue Kamen Benefits and you will find the principals still engaged in the day-to-day process of sales and most importantly, client service. Success does not translate into delegation of responsibility and the relationship does not end once an account has been established as you may find at some of our high-turnover competitors. This client for life focus has served them well as Blue Kamen Benefits enjoys an almost perfect client retention record.


Darren Braude

Trish Schrade

Tim O'Connor
Director of Sales

Debi Clement
Director of Client Services




I have used the services of Blue Kamen Benefits for a long time--more than 15 years-- and across multiple employers. As an HR Executive, I appreciate that the Blue Kamen team understands our business, our culture, and most importantly, they provide immense value by seamlessly integrating with our small HR Office to provide responsive, compassionate and effective support directly to our employees. SHARON L – Leading Provider of Content Management Solutions.

Insurance can be so confusing and hard to understand, but Blue Kamen Benefits makes it easy to understand, she puts it all in plain English, working with each and every employee until all of their questions have been answered. Her knowledge is really just incredible! I can’t thank her enough for the many, many years of getting me through open enrollment! MELISSA M – Major Auto Dealership.

Thanks to the intervention by Blue Kamen Benefits, my doctor FINALLY sent the bill correctly and I can see on a statement from our insurance carrier that the patient responsibility is nothing besides the copay I gave them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Jack A – IT & Logisitical Support Provider.

Blue Kamen Benefits has provided our company with outstanding service for almost ten years. They are attentive to our needs and promptly reply in every situation. There is a personal level of care that is given and highly appreciated in a market where the consumer can often get lost. Our satisfaction with Blue Kamen Benefits is unmatched and we enjoy the partnership that has been established over the years. Thank you Blue Kamen for making my job easier by being a dependable and efficient insurance agency. Christie G. - Custom Manufacturer.